Journal: Journal of Mechanical Science and Technology
Year: 2019.03
Author: Jonghyuk Lim, Jintai Chung
Vol,No,pp: 33 (3) : 1131-1140
Removal of captured space debris using a tethered satellite system  

The dynamic responses of a tethered satellite system after debris release were analyzed. The tethered satellite system is modelled as two point masses connected by a string. The equations of motion for the tethered satellite system are derived by using the absolute node coordinate formulation to implement large deformation of the tether. In order to analyze the release timing of the debris captured by the tethered satellite system, the release process and a formula for calculating the orbital radius and velocity of the released debris are defined. The release timing of the debris was analyzed for various capture conditions, which include velocities of the debris, orbital eccentricities of the tethered satellite system, and length of the tether. Finally, the orbital radius of the mother satellite of the tethered satellite system were analyzed after debris release, and the orbital radius and the velocity of the released debris were calculated and discussed.
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