Journal: Journal of Mechanical Science and Technology
Year: 2019.11
Author: Dae-Ji Kim, Joo-Young Oh, Jung-Woo Cho, Jaewono Kim, Jintai Chung, Changheon Song
Vol,No,pp: 33 (11) : 5589-5602
Design study of impact performance of a DTH hammer using PQRSM and numerical simulation  
This paper presents a simulation model to predict the percussive drilling performance of a down-the-hole (DTH) hammer. First, the pneumatic dynamic model of the DTH hammer is developed considering mass flow rate relations representing orifice opening areas of the air tube, the piston, and the bit flushing channels. Next, the performance of the DTH hammer is numerically simulated and evaluated by considering fluctuations of the upper and lower chamber pressure, impact frequency, and force. The simulation model is validated through a series of laboratory tests. Finally, design factors influencing the hammer’s impact performance are selected via screening design, and the progressive quadratic response surface method then optimizes the set of design factors to propose a design modification to increasing the impact performance of the DTH hammer.
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